Turning Sportswear Into A Bold Fashion Statement

Running from our daily errands to the boxing ring, working at our office and on the treadmill, walking from the shopping mall to the gym – sports clothes are not just a piece of training equipment anymore as we tend to wear them everywhere.

But when we scouted the internet to find our next sports set, we couldn’t find a single piece that was equally flattering, fashionable, and comfortable. Unfortunately, even though activewear has gained so much popularity, most options are merely functional and lack the style that makes our outfits pop. 

At that point, we decided it was time to take action, and just like that, ‌NORTHYARD was born with a mission to supply you with high-performing yet trendy sports clothing. 

We are proudly

  • Soft Fabric

  • Lightweight

  • All Day Comfort

It’s All About The Design

Our seasoned designers have been operating in the fashion field long enough to know how to blend fashion elements with sports performance, creating unique pieces that combine the best of both worlds. 

Unlike most activewear brands that focus primarily on the wearer’s convenience, we also consider the style factor, providing a wide selection of clothes for men and women that can be worn anywhere, from the sports courts to the street or even the runway. 

Sportswear Made To Last

The last thing you want when buying a pair of shorts or a t-shirt is to see the fabric stretch out after a few washes or have the inner thighs pilled. 

Designing with sports enthusiasts and fashion lovers in mind, we use premium-quality fabrics and exceptional craftsmanship to ensure the final outcome will serve your requirements and exceed your expectations. 

Every piece carrying the ‌NORTHYARD signature is manufactured in our own production factory with meticulous attention to detail. Our goal is to provide you with fashion-forward pieces of activewear that will leave a mark, helping you feel good while moving around. 

Whether you need to revamp your sportswear collection or treat a loved one to a practical and beautiful gift, ‌NORTHYARD is here to cover all your needs. Browse our collection, find the pieces that best suit your taste, and make sure you arrive at the next training session with style.