How to Choose the Right Running Shorts - A Buyer's Guide

How to Choose the Right Running Shorts - A Buyer's Guide

Running is a fantastic form of exercise, but choosing the right pair of running shorts is equally important. The right shorts can enhance your comfort and improve your overall running experience. This buyer's guide will walk you through selecting the perfect running shorts to ensure you feel comfortable and confident on every run.

1. Material: Opt for Lightweight and Quick-Drying Synthetics

First and foremost, pay attention to the material of your running shorts. For running shorts, synthetic fabrics like polyester are your best bet. These materials are lightweight, comfortable, and capable of quickly wicking away sweat to keep you dry. Unlike cotton, which absorbs and retains moisture, synthetic materials prevent that uncomfortable feeling of cold and dampness after your run.

2. Length: Choose According to Personal Preference

The length of your shorts is a matter of personal preference. Some runners prefer longer shorts for muscle support and protection, especially during longer runs. Others prefer shorter shorts for their lightweight feel and greater freedom of movement. When choosing the length of your shorts, consider your support needs, comfort, and the type of running you enjoy most.

Short Shorts (4-5 inches): Suitable for road running and short trail runs in hot weather due to their lightweight nature and freedom of movement.

Longer Shorts (6-7 inches): It is ideal for trail running, especially long-distance runs like ultra-trails, as they provide better sun protection and warmth.

3. Liner Type: Choose Integrated or Non-Integrated

Running shorts come in two main types:

Integrated Liner Shorts: These shorts feature built-in briefs, boxers, or tights, depending on the model. They offer excellent comfort and friction management, especially between the thighs, making them a great choice for those seeking thigh support.

Shorts Without Integrated Liner: These shorts do not have built-in underwear, allowing you to choose undergarments or compression shorts. This allows you to match your underwear with your daily needs, such as weight, protection, and support.

4. Sizing: Prioritize Comfort

The key to choosing the right model of running shorts is comfort. If you prefer a snug fit with ample support, refer to the manufacturer's size guide for choosing the right size compression shorts. If you prefer to forget you're wearing shorts as soon as you put them on, you'll likely enjoy shorter models with the most comfortable integrated underwear, such as briefs or boxers. Just ensure you choose a size that stays in place during your run, especially if you use the integrated pockets in the waistband.

5. Waistband Details: Look for Wide Waistbands and Pockets

Most running shorts feature an elastic waistband with an integrated drawstring. High-end shorts often come with wider, ergonomically designed waistbands (with gender-specific cuts) and may include storage pockets. These waistbands offer improved comfort and less friction during your runs. These features are in more expensive performance and trail running range models.

6. Number of Pockets: Opt for Adequate Storage

We don't recommend hand pockets on running shorts because they lack support, causing items to bounce uncomfortably while you run. Instead, look for shorts with zippered pockets integrated on the sides or at the back. These pockets can hold small water flasks, energy gels, lightweight layers, or keys. Sometimes, a back pocket for your phone is provided, but be mindful of moisture from sweat. Some liners also feature small front and back pockets.

Now that you know the key factors to consider when choosing your running shorts, remember that comfort should be your top priority because comfort equals performance in today's world. In other words, comfort equals the joy of running!

Don't hesitate to contact us with any additional inquiries or require further assistance. We're here to help you make the most of your running experience. Wishing you many enjoyable runs ahead!

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